Yaese performance group visits Vietnam for Hue Festival

Yaese performance group visits Vietnam for Hue Festival

Tomoyose lion showing sharp moves

Yaese Lion Dance group, which consists of traditional-arts performers in Yaese town, visited Hue City in Vietnam to participate Hue Festival 2018, which opened on April 27.

The group, led by Takeshi Kamiya, visited the Hue Central Hospital to hold a workshop with Thai Nghi Duong Lion dance group.

More than 260 audience-members enjoyed the powerful lion dance and bo performance.


The Tomoyose lion dance, a delicate and brisk dance featuring the deep sound of a gong, while the Shitahaku lion dance shows powerful moves.

The group performed “tomoyose-no-maikata” and “kogusuku-no-bo,” entertaining the audience with the dramatic performances.

The Thai Nghi Duong Lion group performed with vivid red and yellow lions at the end of the show.

The groups also held a workshop after the show to share ideas on the materials of their lions and dance moves, developing a bond with each other.


44-year-old Tin Wen Bangching from Hue city visited the performance with family, and smiled while commenting, “The Okinawan lion dance was very beautiful with powerful moves.”

Shogo Kamiyo, who is a member of the performing group from the Shitahaku bo-association, said, “I was nervous since this is my first time visiting a foreign country, but I’m glad I got to perform my best. This is a great experience for me, to be connected to other people through lion dance.”

Group members looking at the Thai Ngi Duong Lion group’s lion during the workshop

Thai Nghi Duong Lion dance with red and yellow lions

The Hue Festival opened at 7PM on April 27 in Vietnam.

The performing group will join a parade in the city on April 28, and then perform during the main event on April 29.



(English translation by T&CT and Sayaka Sakuma)


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