Osprey spotted flying above Futenma Elementary School

Osprey spotted flying above Futenma Elementary School

Transport aircraft Osprey flying above the school athletic field where children enjoy baseball on March 1 at Futenma Elementary School in Ginowan City (provided by reader)

March 1, 2018 Ryukyu Shimpo Digital Edition

Around 5:30 pm on February 28 at Ginowan City Funtenma Elementary School, a transport aircraft Osprey was photographed flying. A student’s family member spotted and videotaped the Osprey. The video footage shows the bottom of the aircraft. In response to Ryukyu Shimpo’s interview, the Okinawa Defense Bureau (ODB) said that they “did not agree” to this.

Following the incident last December in which an U.S. military helicopter’s window fell into the grounds of Futenma Daini Elementary School, the Japanese government and U.S. military promised that flights above schools within the city would be avoided as much as possible. Since the incident, Futenma Daini Elementary School has set up cameras and observers to monitor the sky above the school for U.S. military aircrafts. Meanwhile, other school facilities cannot confirm the flight by U.S. military aircrafts since they do not have the equipment to monitor for the aircrafts.

(English translation by T&CT and Chelsea Ashimine)

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