Establishment of Ryusou Day to transmit Ryukyu culture to the world

Establishment of Ryusou Day to transmit Ryukyu culture to the world

Participants celebrating the efforts to establish Ryusou Day on November 22 at The Naha Terrace in Naha City.


November 23, 2017 Ryukyu Shimpo


Ryusou Bunka Sha and Arcone Co. Ltd. have made the 22nd of every month “Ryusou (Create Ryukyu) Day” in hopes of spreading Ryukyu culture, such as clothing and dance, to Okinawan citizens and transmitting it to the world.

The two groups will begin working on various endeavors together.

On November 22, a commemoration party was held at The Naha Terrace in Naha City as a kickoff event with about eighty participants.



The word “Ryusou,” meaning “create Ryukyu,” was coined in hopes of creating and transmitting something new by interacting with Ryukyu culture.

A wide variety of groups, such as Ryukyu dance groups and medical corporations are participating in the Ryusou Day efforts.



Regarding the establishment of Ryusou Day, Ryusou Bunka Sha (Create Ryukyu Culture Company) representative Toshiko Chinen said, “We hope to see people openly wear Ryukyu clothing on a daily basis and for the culture to spread to the world.”



When she was young, Chinen admired how her grandmother lived adorned in pretty Ryukyu clothing.

She took up Ryukyu dance as an adult and as her feelings toward Ryukyu culture grew stronger, she conceived the idea, “A Day to Transmit Ryukyu Culture.”

About forty years have passed and she now works towards that goal with the help of Arcone Co. Ltd. representative Akiko Hasumi and potter Kinzo Norimatu, who both hold the same ambitions.



Because Chinen believes “many people are not familiar with Ryukyu clothing,” she plans to hold events every month on Ryusou Day on the 22nd where people can have fun drinking tea as they stroll down the street in Ryukyu clothing.

She calls on people to participate and emphasized, “I want many people to see and feel Ryukyu culture. It is by no means a far-fetched idea.



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