Fukushima foster parents of “Miracle Hydrangea” visit Okinawa foster parent

Fukushima foster parents of “Miracle Hydrangea” visit Okinawa foster parent

Toshio (third from right) and Hisako Yamazaki (fourth from right) visiting Micracle Hydrangea foster parents Youko Higa (far right) on September 27 at Kishiyaba, Kitanakagusuku Village.


October 5, 2017 Ryukyu Shimpo


On September 27, foster parents of the “Miracle Hydrangea” had a get-together in Kitanakagusuku Village in Okinawa.

The “Miracle Hygrangea” was found at the bottom of the Fujinuma Lake in Naganuma, Sukagawa City in Fukushima Prefecture that had collapsed during the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.

Foster parents Toshio, 68, and Hisako Yamazaki, 65, who live in Motomiya City of Fukushima Prefecture visited Youko Higa’s, 67, home in Kishiyaba, Kitanakagusuku Village.

The three smiled at how fate and this plant brought them together.



As a “Symbol of Restoration,” the local Naganuma Commercial and Industrial Association is recruiting foster parents across the country for the “Miracle Hydrangea” and is separating the roots for this purpose.

As of September, about 1,400 foster parents in 18 prefectures are caring for the hydrangea.



Mr. Yamazaki became a hydrangea foster parent after the plant was recommended to him by the sales person when he visited Sukagawa City.

When he participated in the Hydrangea Arbor Day that took place at the Fujinuma Lake Natural Park in June, he learned that there were other foster parents outside of the prefecture.



Mr. and Mrs. Yamazaki wanted to meet with other foster parents within Kitanakagusuku Village.

Using the village’s office as an intermediary, they arranged to visit Higa’s home.

Mr. Yamazaki who saw Higa’s hydrangea said, “I was surprised to see how big it’s gotten.

They seem to be caring for it very well.” Even though they were strangers, Mrs. Yamazaki felt a sense of connection.

Higa smiled as she said, “The hydrangea connects the northeast and Okinawa.

If I have the opportunity, I’d like to visit Fukushima too.”



(English translation by T&CT and Chelsea Ashimine)


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