Nago mayor takes a swipe at central government over MV-22 osprey crash

Nago mayor takes a swipe at central government over MV-22 osprey crash

Nago Mayor Susumu Inamine said, ""The thing that we feared has taken place." (Photograph taken at 9:15 a.m. on December 14 at Nago City Office.)

December 14, 2016 Ryukyu Shimpo

On December 14, Nago City Mayor Susumu Inamine spoke to reporters after a U.S. marine MV-22 Osprey crashed into shallow water near Abu in Nago on December 13. He told them, ” The thing that we feared has taken place.”

The mayor said, “It is perfectly clear that citizens will be exposed to a more dangerous environment [if the MV-22s are deployed to a new base planned in Henoko]. They will be placed in a situation where they cannot sleep with peace of mind and their daily lives will be disturbed.”

“The aircraft might have crashed into a village with a difference of a few seconds. Thankfully, due to small mercies, residents were not involved,” said Inamine, adding that there is about 50 meters distance between the crash site and the nearest land.

“This mishap proved that the Osprey was a defective aircraft,” Inamine said. He is blowing a whistle because Osprey mishaps have occurred in many places around the world.

The mayor took a swipe at the central government, saying, “the aircraft was shattered, but they use expressions such as ditch or landing on water in order to disguise the issue.”

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