Taco rice vs. tacos

Taco rice vs. tacos

November 3, 2016 Ryukyu Shimpo

Which do you prefer, tacos or taco rice? Noise Value Corporation, which specializes in branding of companies and local foods, published its findings regarding whether Okinawans preferred tacos or taco rice on November 2. Those who preferred taco rice were 61.5 percent, while those who preferred tacos were 38.5 percent, declaring taco rice as the winner. Focusing on gender, the researchers found that men preferred taco rice, which is more filling, while women preferred tacos, which is considered as the healthier option.

This survey was conducted to along with the publishing of the driver’s travel guide Uruma is Delicious, which advertises restaurants that specialize in tacos and taco rice as a way of revitalizing Uruma, Okinawa.

The survey was conducted between August and October, via the Internet and on the streets, surveying a total of 403 people. Of the people surveyed, 345 were from the Okinawa main island, 30 from Miyako, 24 from Yaeyama, and four from other islands.

Regardless of the area, most preferred taco rice. Yaeyama in particular had many who preferred taco rice. The researchers also found that younger generations preferred taco rice the most, whereas the number of those who prefer tacos grew as the age of those surveyed increased.

The reasons for people choosing taco rice was “I like rice” and “It originated in Okinawa,” while the reasons for choosing tacos was “I like tortillas” and “It’s like a snack.”

(English translation by T&TC and Chelsea Ashimine)

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