60 people gather to make a pledge for peace as Taiwan monument erected

60 people gather to make a pledge for peace as Taiwan monument erected

Attendees praying in front of the. Taiwan No To monument at the Peace Memorial Park in Itoman on June 26.

June 26, 2016 Ryukyu Shimpo

Taiwan No To monument was erected for Taiwan’s World War Two war dead, at the Peace Memorial Park in Mabuni, Itoman city. A completion ceremony was held on June 25. The fourth memorial service for the Taiwanese war dead was also held on the same day, and 60 people gathered to pray for peace as well as friendly relations between Japan and Taiwan in front of the new memorial monument.

The monument was begun by the General Incorporated Association of Japan Taiwan Peace Foundation in 2015 as the year marked the 70th year since the war. The property was provided by the Okinawa Yokuyukai and is located right next to the Kuge No To monument, which is also maintained by the organization. The front side of the monument is shaped like Taiwan.

According to the director of the foundation, Mitsuteru Kyo, the number of Taiwanese people whose  names are inscribed on the monument is 34. It is possible more Taiwanese died in Okinawa, yet there has been little progress with surveying. The foundation plans to do maintenance on the property around the monument, including slopes, to be completed by August 15, the anniversary of the end of the war. A former member of the Taiwanese legislative assembly, Chounian Tsu, who attended the completion ceremony said, “the monument will serve as a bridge between Japan and Taiwan. We would like to carry over the history and create a world without wars.” The director of the foundation Kyo also stated, “we would like to build a monument in Taiwan as well.”

(English translation by T&CT and Sayaka Sakuma) 

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