LGBT rights advocates share their experiences: “Just be yourself”

LGBT rights advocates share their experiences: “Just be yourself”

On April 29, at Goma-House in Nanasonecho, Okinawa City, Ramu-chan (right), Ma-chan, Ran-chan held a seminar on LGBT.

May 5, 2016 Ryukyu Shimpo

On April 29 at Go-ma House in Nakasonecho, Okinawa City, an “Attractive Town Seminar” was held at the Multicultural Living Cafe@LGBT to get people to think about the diversity of gender and sexuality. Ramu-chan, Ma-chan, and Ran-chan, who work as radio personalities on FM Koza stated that gender and sexuality are diverse and urged society to recognize transgender as normal. They said they look forward to seeing a change in people’s minds.

Ma-chan shared stories from his elementary and secondary school years, relating that he was not understood by his peers and was bullied. He said he even once decided he wanted to die.

With support and encouragement from friends, Ma-chan unveiled his sexuality. “I like just being myself and just keep going my way.” Ma-chan shared an experience that triggered a change in his way of living.

Now Ma-chan receives requests from educational institutions to give lectures about being a sexual minority. Occasionally, Ma-chan gives advice to children. Ma-chan said, “I am happy that there is now an environment where kids with similar struggles can be counseled.”

Ramu-chan and Ran-chan said they were hurt by harsh comments – people said they were incomplete. The two continued to say that even if society does not want to admit there is sexual diversity, at the very least they hope people will communicate openly and relate to them normally as a person. They have expressed their hope that society is at least interested in the issue.

They have now formed a trio group named “Onei Colors,” in order to create an educational space where diversity of gender and sexuality is recognized as normal. The trio stated that there are children who are struggling and they hope the education system recognizes their needs.”

(English translation by T&CT and Megumi Chibana) 

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