Communities celebrate Kajimaya with an autocade

Communities celebrate Kajimaya with an autocade

On October 17 in Yafuso, Urasoe, Shotaro Tamaki(right) and Akira Chinen (left) celebrated Kajimaya

October 22, 2015 Ryukyu Shimpo

As part of Kajimaya, an event held to honour 97 year-olds or “golden-agers”, autocades paraded through Yafuso on October 17 and Iso on October 18 in Urasoe City. Onlookers from the communities prayed for their own longevity.

Akira Chinen and Shotaro Tamaki celebrated Kajimaya in Yafuso. According to Community Leader Katsuo Yafuso of Yafuso, the community has never held a Kajimaya autocade.

Chinen and Tamaki paraded down Yafuso Street in a convertible. Approximately 200 people including the brass band club of Nakanishi Elementary School, Women’s Club, Children’s Club, and Ryukyu Corazon members joined in the parade.

On October 18 at Iso Community Hall, Urasoe City, Susumu Mekaru celebrated Kajimaya.

On October 18 at Iso Community Hall, Urasoe City, Susumu Mekaru celebrated Kajimaya.

Chinen said, “I feel great,” and Tamaki said, “I feel happy.” Many people asked them for handshakes and photographs.

Meanwhile, in the Iso Community celebrated Kajimaya for the first time in 20 years. Susumu Mekaru took part. An autocade started at his home and travelled to Iso Community Hall. Approximately 250 people gathered in the hall. Stick fighting and Eisa were performed, and Iju tempura was offered.

Mekaru is a person of merit who served as a community leader of Iso in 1958 as well as a master of fast-playing Sanshin. He said that the secret of longevity was “To play sanshin and make songs.”

Mekaru’s first son, Moritaka, was designated as a holder of important intangible cultural property Kumiodori in July. He said, “I started playing Sanshin because of my father’s influence. With Kajimaya, it is a double happiness.”

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