Sanabe receives Japan Traditional Cultures Foundation Award

Sanabe receives Japan Traditional Cultures Foundation Award

Yoshikazu Sanabe receiving the Japan Traditional Cultures Foundation Award on July 7 at Mitsukoshi Theatre in the Chuo district of Tokyo.

July 9, 2015 Ryukyu Shimpo

The Japan Traditional Cultures Foundation held its 19th award ceremony at Mitsukoshi Theater in the Chuo district of Tokyo on July 7. Thirty-five-year old Ryukyu dance grand master Yoshikazu Sanabe from Ryukyu Buyo Seibukai received the award. The award is given to one practitioner of traditional arts every year to encourage their future contribution to the field. Sanabe became the first awardee from Okinawa.

Hideki Tanaka from the selection committee explained his selection; “Sanabe was valued as an up-and-coming dancer with fresh expressions and a sense of presence. As he also works on Kumiodori, his techniques are expected to develop as one of the best young female impersonators. All the committee members shared big expectations for him.”

“Uchinanchu have been embracing uta-sanshin through a range of severe situations during the 70 years after the war. I would like to devote my work to the protection, inheritance and growth of Okinawan traditional arts, in valuing Okinawans’ Chimugukuru or compassionate hearts, and I see this award as an encouragement.” Sanabe stated.

The foundation will hold a commemorative dance show by Sanabe from 1p.m. on July 20 at the National Theatre Okinawa in Urasoe.

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