PET bottles save drowning man in river

PET bottles save drowning man in river

Simple rescue tools made of PET bottles placed along the bank of Shiowatari river at Maejima, Naha.

February 17, 2015 Ryukyu Shimpo

PET bottles have saved a man who fell into a river in Naha. At 0:28 p.m. on February, Naha City Fire Headquarters received an emergency phone call from a citizen. He said, “A man fell into the river.” He noticed the man when he was walking on a road along Shiowatari River at Maejima in Naha. He threw the PET bottles to the drawing man, following instructions by firefighters. The man grabbed the bottles and waited for the arrival of rescue members. He was transported to a hospital by an ambulance, but was not in a life-threatening condition.

Members of the Naha City Fire Officials Councils use this simple rescue tool, made out of plastic bottles. This is a set of three bottles painted with red color and tied with green string. This can be used instead of a rescue float when someone falls into a river. The association installed them at 28 locations near rivers. According to the city fire department, it is the first time that someone has been rescued by this PET bottle float. Naoya Maeshiro, the chairman of the council, said, “With the help of one PET bottle, a person is able to float on water. I want to make this known to everyone.”

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