Flamingo found in Okinawa

Flamingo found in Okinawa

Flamingos have been sighted in Okinawa City on January 10.

January 11, 2015 Ryukyu Shimpo

Flamingos, which are not normally found in Okinawa, have been spotted on numerous occasions in the central southern part of the island since last December. There are no reports of birds escaping from any facilities in Okinawa. Bird lovers do not have an explanation as to why the bird is in Okinawa.

The bird is confirmed to have been in Okinawa City this year, and was also seen in the central southern part of the island last December.

A flamingo was found at an irrigation canal in Okinawa City on January 10. It put its beak into water to search for food.

In 1999, the Okinawa Zoo and Museum in Okinawa City lost one of two flamingos after a typhoon hit Okinawa. Then the bird was seen at Awase dry beach. The museum does not currently own any flamingos.

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