Okinawan old, folk house used as guest accommodation attracting foreign tourists

Okinawan old, folk house used as guest accommodation attracting foreign tourists

Guest house Goya, an Okinawan old folk house which attracts many tourists from Asian countries, and its owner Hidehiro Noshita. In the Koza district of Okinawa City.

November 24, 2014 Ryukyu Shimpo

Located in the Goya district of Okinawa City, guest house Goya is a 40-year old Okinawan folk house with a tiled roof, and it is attracting guests from Asia and Europe. Tourists from Taiwan, South Korea, Germany, and France have visited the house. Even in the off season, it is booked out. Okinawan culture is becoming popular overseas.

The house is about 25 square meters and partitioned into five rooms with total capacity of 13 people. With a family altar for the Okinawan spirit tablet Totome, the house offers a taste of traditional Okinawa. Despite being equipped with a shower, the house owner recommends the guests to use a neighboring bathhouse. The owner guides the guests to eat at dining room Micky,located on Central Park Avenue, close to the house. Guests can have snacks such as traditional Ryukyuan crepes at the guest house.

Inside a guest house room.

The owner Hidehiro Noshita said, “We introduce to our guests the town of Koza, which we would like to promote because it benefits us.” Noshita said that he wanted the guests to enjoy the town and learn its history and culture by walking through it. His motto is to enjoy Koza life.

Most of the guests find out about the house over the internet.

This year marks the 11th anniversary since the house was opened. Noshita said, “Although we provide the website only in Japanese, non-Japanese guests manage to make reservations by using translation.” Regarding popularity with domestic and international tourists, Nagami said, “More and more people want to taste the traditional atmosphere of Okinawa.”

The guest can enjoy a barbecue in the garden and drink alcoholic beverages at the bar counter.

Noshita said, “I would like to provide an enjoyable place where guests and local people interact with one another.”

For further details, call guest house Goya at 050(1205)2758.

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