Kitten stuck between car saved

Kitten stuck between car saved

A firefighter moved the mini-van from the busy intersection to a safe spot and confirmed there was kitten under it (Photograph taken by Futoshi Hanashiro).

November 12, 2014 Ryukyu Shimpo

At a busy intersection on National Route 58 in Urasoe, a kitten about 20 centimeters long was saved by firefighters after getting stuck under a mini-van at a red light. The incident occurred at Jitchaku intersection on November 11.

Hideo Akamine, who was driving the van, said smiling, “I think it was destiny for me to meet the kitten, which might usher in good fortune.” Akamine has taken the cat under his care.

When Akamine was waiting for the traffic light to change, a truck driver in the next lane spotted the kitten sitting on its haunches on the road. The driver jumped out of his car and quickly told Akamine about the kitten when he was about to hit the accelerator, as the light had turned green.

Akamine’s van nearly hit the cat but stopped just in time. Akamine and the truck driver peered into the kitten. Then the cat escaped into the back of a tire.

The rescued kitten is fortunate to be in the care of a new owner. Around Jitchaku intersection in Urasoe around 11 a.m. on November 11(Photograph taken by Futoshi Hanashiro).

They were caught in the middle of a major intersection heavy with traffic, but Akamine could not move the van or he might have run over the cat. One of the people at the scene called the Urasoe Fire Station and firefighters came to the rescue.

The firefighters confirmed that the kitten was stuck inside the mechanics of the van. They then carefully moved the van to a safe spot.

Within five minutes, one of the firefighters had crawled under the car, and saved the cat, which was clinging hard onto the internal part of the van.

Akamine, who is the head of an institution supporting disabled people, said, “The members of our institution will be happy to have the kitten because they have been missing a neighborhood cat which they previously took care of.”

The kitten, having narrowly escaped being badly injured or killed by the van, is now fortunately in the care of its new owner.

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