Meio University students win top essay prize at tertiary education conference in Hanoi

Meio University students win top essay prize at tertiary education conference in Hanoi

On September 25, at Meio University in Nago, Karin Yamagishi (third from left in the front row), the team leader of members who won the top prize at GPAC2014, and Katsunori Yamazato (second from left in the front row), the president of the university.

October 6, 2014 Ryukyu Shimpo

Meio University’s team won the top prize in the international division of an essay contest at the GPAC2014 (Global Partnership of Asian Colleges), held at Vietnam National University in Hanoi from August 24 to 29. Eleven students from Meio University took part in the conference. On Sept. 25, the students reported their achievement to the university’s president Katsunori Yamazato.

GPAC is an annual international conference in which university students from countries in Asia deepen ties by presenting academic papers on a common theme, such as the environment and the economy. About 150 students from six countries, including Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea, China, Israel and Japan, took part this year. The top prize-winner’s team members include Karin Yamagishi, Kei Ikeda and Yuki Gima. They presented an essay in English titled “Okinawa as the Center of East Asian Logistics: A Case Study of Air Freight Operations by All Nippon Airways at Naha Airport”. Their essay received high accolades.

Team leader Yamagishi said, “We were very nervous to do a presentation in English for 10 minutes. But, it was a happy occasion for us because we were able to convey the charm of Okinawa to the world.” Gima said, “We had received a lesson on presentation, including eye contact communication. We were able to improve our presentation skills during summer vacation.”

Yamazato, the president of the university, praised the students, saying, “The teamwork of the students and very fine teaching from staff members bore fruit. This award will also encourage other students.”

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