Itoman Harley dragon-boat race held

Itoman <em>Harley</em> dragon-boat race held

The Ugan-Barley boat race marked the start of the Itoman Harley Competition at the Itoman Fishing Port on June 1.

June 2, 2014 Ryukyu Shimpo

On May 4 of the old lunar calendar (June 1), also known as Yukka-nu-hi, Harley dragon-boat races were held in various locations around Okinawa to wish for a safe and prosperous fishing season.

The Harley race held at the Itoman Fishing Port attracted many spectators, who were excited by the festive race atmosphere.

Teams from the old villages of Itoman, Nishimura, Nakamura and Nijima, competed in three races in newly made Harley boats.

They competed in the Ugan-Barley boat race, Kunukase race (flip-over boat race) and Agaisubu race (a long-distance race of 2.15 kilometers).

Nishimura won the overall champion’s flag for the second consecutive year.

At the climax of the Agaisubu race, Nishimura recorded a new best time of 12 minutes and 22.61 seconds, winning the first place.

Masashi Uehara of Nishimura said, “We were able to win the competition because we supported one another. I am grateful for the support from our village.”

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