Kadena Elementary School pupils to send satchels to Afghanistan

Kadena Elementary School pupils to send satchels to Afghanistan

Pupils of six-year grade of Kadena Elementary School showed their satchels and writing materials, which will be sent to Afghanistan on March 18, at Kadena Elementary School.

March 19, 2014 Ryukyu Shimpo

Thirteen nine pupils of the sixth-year grade of Kadena Elementary School will send ten satchels that they have used for six years, and writing materials to children in Afghanistan. The pupils are graduating from the elementary school on March 19. They want all the children in Afghanistan to be able go to school. Nao Asato and Yumeri Taira were really impressed when they read a picture book in which the children in Afghanistan received the donated school bags gratefully. In late January, they called for classmates to send satchels. There are many children who are not given the opportunity to have education, because of years of continuing conflict in Afghanistan.

Yumeri said, “I was surprised to hear there some children use satchels instead desks. We want them to carefully use the things that we are sending.”

Yusuke Nakasone, who packed notebooks into a bag, said, “I want Afghanistan to become a peaceful country without war. Sakumoto, the home room teacher of the class, said, “I am glad that the children have their ability to plan and to act by themselves.” She was surprised by the growth of her pupils. These items will be delivered to the children in Afghanistan by a volunteer group.

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