Shimabukuro becomes first Yakuzen Dietetics Master in Okinawa

Shimabukuro becomes first <em>Yakuzen</em> Dietetics Master in Okinawa

Go Shimabukuro (left), the first person in Okinawa to pass the examination to become a Yakuzen Dietetics Master and Akito Kawakami at Hotel Yugafuin in Nago on July 18.

July 21, 2013 Ryukyu Shimpo

Chef at the Hotel Yugafuin in Nago, Go Shimabukuro, is the first person in Okinawa to pass the examination to become a Yakuzen Dietetics Master. Yakuzen is medically beneficial food based on the Chinese tradition that a balanced diet creates a healthy body.

Shimabukuro said, “I am still very much at the learning stage, but I would like to create Yakuzen cuisine using the ingredients from the Yambaru.”

His interest in Yakuzen saw Shimabukuro enter the first intake of students in the correspondence course for Yakuzen cooking dietetics, which he completed last September. The Japan Association of Chinese Cuisine and Dietetics Yakuzen Chapter of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Association deliver the course. When Shimabukuro passed examinations about theory, recipe creation and technique he became a Yakuzen Dietetics Master.

Shimabukuro offers healthy dishes in the Hotel Yugafuin. On the Yakuzen menu, he serves nutrient-rich soup using winter melon that contains ingredients to help make the skin beautiful and to cure swelling from oedema. He also serves Okinawan pork roast using the sauce made from Peucedanum japonicum that may have anticancer benefits.

The managing director of the hotel, Akito Kawakami, who also has worked in Chinese cuisine, said, “Combining ingredients is important in Yakuzen. It is great that Shimabukuro is creating Yakuzen dishes for our customers.”

The hotel plans to hold a Yakuzen cuisine fair in August. Shimabukuro said, “I want to serve seasonal Yakuzen dishes and for customers to enjoy trying them.”

(English translation by T&CT, Mark Ealey)

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