Jazz performed at Golden Hall in Futenma Temple

Jazz performed at Golden Hall in Futenma Temple

On May 9, Shoko Kina with La Muse Orchestra entertain the audience with some dynamic music at the Futenma Temple in Ginowan.

May 13, 2013 Ryukyu Shimpo

On May 9, the 6th Jazz Concert in Jinguji was held at Futenma Temple in Ginowan. The main hall where worshippers normally come changed into a concert hall during the day. The audience filled the hall, enjoying the music played by local bands Aki Band, Sax ensemble South Winds and Seiko Kina with La Muse Orchestra, with the gold Buddhist altar created a mystical atmosphere.

They played Take five, It don’t mean a thing and other famous jazz music as well as Nishin jo bushi, Tancha me bushi and other arranged versions of Okinawan folk songs. The shrine grounds were filled with the sound of applause and whistles, which continued right through until the very end of the last song.

More than 50 music-related volunteers gathered for the event in response to a request from Yukio Kyan, a director of the NPO Association for Okinawa Music and Culture.

He said, “We ran this event to give people an opportunity to enjoy music in an extraordinary space like a temple.”

Ryokei Kinjo, deputy priest at the Futenma Temple commented, “People tend to think of temple as places where funerals are held, but originally this was a gathering place for people in the community. We want people to start using the temple as a community hall once again.”

(English translation by T&CT, Hitomi Shinzato and Mark Ealey)

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