Cat helps deliver newspapers

Cat helps deliver newspapers

On August 9, at Tomigusuku, Hiroko Ikei said, “I can keep doing my job with Fuku’s support."

August 18, 2012 Masaaki Umeda of Ryukyu Shimpo

A cat that helps a newspaper delivery woman has gained popularity among local residents. One year-old Fuku belongs to Hiroko Ikei, a newspaper delivery worker at the Nesabu office of the Ryukyu Shimpo in Tomigusuku. Last December, Ikei came across Fuku for the first time when the cat followed her newspaper delivery cart. Before starting to look after the cat she checked for notices at local supermarkets to make sure that it did not belong to someone.

Fuku wakes Ikei with his purring at her bedside at 1:00am, before they go out together on her rounds at 2:00am. The cat stays in the car, sitting on the dashboard quietly and sometimes scowling at anybody who looks inside the car.

Ikei admires and is grateful to Fuku, who follows her every day even during heavy rain and typhoons. She has a health problem and sometimes finds it tough to do the delivery work because she has another job during the day, but says, “I can keep working with Fuku’s support. Fuku is my bodyguard and always makes me drive safety. I will keep doing my newspaper delivery work with him.”

(English translation by T&CT, Lima Tokumori and Mark Ealey)

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