New brand Kariyushi Style for ladies

New brand <em>Kariyushi</em> Style for ladies

On July 13 at Ryubo Department Store in Naha, a new brand called “Kariyushi Style” was released.

July 14, 2012 Ryukyu Shimpo

On July 13 at the Ryubo Department Store in Naha, the Prefectural Clothing and Garment Manufacturing Industrial Cooperative released three styles of women’s clothing under the new brand “Kariyushi Style” and held a small sale. The Cooperative also announced that this April they obtained a trademark for Kariyushi in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Hereafter the Cooperative will search for ways to develop the market.

While Kariyushi-style wear has become popular both in and outside of Okinawa, people tend to see it as men’s or male business-wear. Kariyushi Style was created with the idea of targeting women in their twenties and thirties. The products were awarded the first, second, and third places in the Second Kariyushi Style Design Contest and presented at the Tokyo Girls Collection. Until July 31, a total of 72 pieces in three styles were offered for limited sales. The price is 8400 yen including tax.

Akihiko Higa, a researcher of Kaiho Soken who has worked in this project, said, “It is easy-to-wear and highly functional for wearing either in an office situation or in a resort. We would like to strategically spread this new brand as being different from Kariyushi wear.”

Last April, the Cooperative received transfer registration of the brand mark Kariyushi from the Prefectural Industrial Association. The label stating “Kariyushi” has been given with a certification of “Made in Okinawa Kariyushi Wear” only to those goods manufactured in Okinawa.

Obtaining trademarks in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China will lead to market deployment opportunities and serve as a countermeasure to copied products.

(English translation by T&CT, Megumi Chibana and Mark Ealey)

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