Sailing Sabani Race held off Yambaru

Sailing <em>Sabani</em> Race held off <em>Yambaru </em>

On April 22, at the Nago 21st Century Forest Beach many families enjoyed the sabani-experience.

April 25, 2012

On April 22, the 2nd Sailing Sabani Race off Yambaru, organized by the Fukaki Sabani, was held. The event is designed to continue on the tradition of the sabani, an Okinawan wooden sailboat, and to try to make it into a new feature to aid the revitalization of the area.

Eighteen sabani boats with a total of about 120 people on board competed in a 20-kilometer course between Nabee-Beach in the Onna Seaside Civil Park and the Nago 21st Century Forest Beach. The Sabani Yambaru won the race in the falling rain with a time of one hour five minutes, with the last boats finished in about two hours.

Nearly 100 people and children participated in sabani-experience, enjoying the feel of the wind in their faces. Akihiro Karan paddled with his children, Taichi and Momoko. Daughter Momoko had been on a sabani before and was really excited about it all. Taichi said, “I tried very hard to paddle. It was difficult, but that has made me want to have another go. I want to be able to paddle faster.”

(English translation by T&CT, Lima Tokumori and Mark Ealey)

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