Naha Port Authority will start pilot program of exports to Taiwan

January 31, 2012 Ryukyu Shimpo

Continuing on from the pilot program shipping less-than-container load cargos to Hong Kong that has been running since November, the Naha Port Authority will start such exports to Taiwan from February. There is no direct route from Naha to Taiwan, but some local companies in Okinawa have strongly requested such a freight service. The Naha Port Authority hopes to respond to this need through the pilot program and to help expand exports in the future by considering the introduction of a regular freight service. Exports to Hong Kong also will be continued.

In the pilot program of exports to Taiwan, cargo will be carried from Naha Port to Keelung Port in Taiwan via Shanghai on the regular service for shipping marine containers. The first ship will depart from Naha Port on February 10 and arrive at Keelung Port on February 21. The service is scheduled to see ships depart on the second and fourth Friday until some time around March. Shipping cost is calculated per cubic meter and the Naha Port Authority will pay the freight cost.

The pilot program is a part of a business model project out of Naha Port. Because of the desire to support the expansion of exports of Okinawan products from the logistics angle, this project seeks to establish the cost and freight time and to look at measures to enable full introduction. In the pilot program of exports to Hong Kong started from November, processed goods made in Okinawa such as cosmetics, salt and brown sugar have been transported.

The Naha Port Authority is seeking exporters to participate in the pilot program. The deadline for the first ship is February 7. From 3:00pm on February 2, a briefing session will be held for exporters. For further information contact the Naha Port Authority. Telephone: 098 (868) 4544

(English translation by T&CT, Lima Tokumori and Mark Ealey)

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