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Night rainbow said to invite happiness photographed on Ishigaki Island

Night rainbow said to invite happiness photographed on Ishigaki Island

A moonbow appeared in the western sky on Ishigaki Island (photograph taken at 7:18pm on January 7 was provided by the Ishigakijima Astronomical Observatory).

January 12, 2012 Ryukyu Shimpo

In the evening of January 7, a night rainbow was observed at the Ishigakijima Astronomical Observatory. A night rainbow is said to be a phenomenon that invites happiness. It was visible in the western sky looking from the Observatory, which is located at the summit of Mt. Maesedake, and disappeared after about half an hour. This phenomenon looks like a rainbow due to moonlight being refracted by water droplets in the air on the night of a full moon. The colors are paler, and to the naked eye it looks white.

In Hawaii it is called a moonbow or night rainbow, and is said to bring happiness or to make a wish come true. In China imagery around rainbows is linked to dragons.

(English translation by T&CT, Mark Ealey)

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