Okinawa International Animation Contents Summit to be held in Naha next February

Okinawa International Animation Contents Summit to be held in Naha next February

On December 15 at the prefectural office, those involved indicated their determination to the Okinawa International Animation Contents Summit a success.

December 16, 2011 Ryukyu Shimpo

On February 19 next year, the Okinawa International Animation Contents Summit, featuring attractions of animation and content, and including events such as a world-class museum of Japanese animation contents, a panel exhibition of the Ultraman Series, live performances by national top-class voice actors of animation songs, exhibitions of Okinawan animation content and a symposium will be held in Naha. On December 15, the Naha-based company Kariyushi, which is organizing the summit, presented a business summary at the prefectural office. Director Satoshi Toyama said, “This event will attract attention not just within Japan, but also overseas. On the day, I really want to make Naha glow with animation content.”

The project was adopted by the Okinawa Prefectural Government to help support the development of tourism. There will be exhibitions and screenings of the Okinawan Animation Contents Museum, the Okinawan Animation Contents Theater and live performances of the Okinawan Animation Contents Songs. In addition, the Ultraman Series that marks its 45th anniversary, Ryujin Mabuyer which is an animation made in Okinawa, and Shimanchu! Mirika also will feature.

At the museum there will be a panel exhibition with Tetsuo Kinjo, a scriptwriter of Ultraman.
High profile guests will be Rika Matsumoto who sings the extremely popular animation Pocket Monster’s theme song and plays its leading character, Yoko Takahashi, who sings the theme songs of the animation Neon Genesis Evangelion both in the theatrical version and the television version, Aya Hirano, who plays the main character and takes charge of theme songs of an animation called Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Azumi Inoue who sings the theme songs of the animation My Neighbor Totoro, PSYCHIC LOVER which is a group that sings the opening theme of Samurai-sentai Shinkenger on television. This spectacular line-up of guests will perform live with the global environment as the theme.

The project seeks to attract tourists from other prefectures within Japan and from the countries of East Asia, aiming to become a major base for animation contents and to disseminate such contents from Okinawa. This time, including 200 peoples on official tours, around 2200 visitors are expected to come from within Okinawa and from other prefectures, and from the second year the number is expected to expand to 5000 as the number of visitors from China, Taiwan and South Korea increases.

In addition to Kariyushi, Noboru Nakajima of Naledge Kids (Naha) will work as a producer and Junichi Hasegawa of the Naha Branch of the Human Academy Company will organize the live shows. Tsuburaya Productions will also cooperate in the organization of the events.

From December 15, tickets for the museum and the live performances will be on sale at Lawson Ticket.
For further information contact Kariyushi. Telephone: 098 (861) 7799.

(English translation by T&CT, Lima Tokumori and Mark Ealey)

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