Plaintiffs of Futenma helicopter roar suit call for more residents to put their hands up

Plaintiffs of Futenma helicopter roar suit call for more residents to put their hands up

On October 5, at the Futenma district in Ginowan City Zenji Shimada, the leader of Futenma aviation roar suit, calls for residents to participate in the action.

October 6, 2011 Ryukyu Shimpo

The plaintiffs of the Futenma helicopter roar suit, led by Zenji Shimada, held a press conference in Ginowan City on October 5 in which they called for residents living around the air station to join them in preparing a second lawsuit next March to eliminate noise pollution. In this second lawsuit, they are aiming at about 2000 plaintiffs, which is 400 residents more than in the first suit. Shimada said, “We want as many local residents as possible to participate in our attempt to restore a quiet life to the neighborhoods around the base.”

The plaintiffs held meetings with residents at 16 locations around the air station with a total of 765 people participating. They began to accept participation in the action by the residents who live in areas located within the noise contours around the air station and which had a noise annoyance index of W75 or more in October. In addition to Ginowan City, some residential areas of Kitanakagusuku Village and Urasoe City are also included. Tsutomu Arakaki, chief of the legal team said, “The lawsuit seeking to stop flights has been dismissed on the grounds that the Japanese government has no authority to stop the flight activities of the United States aircraft or based on the theory that they have no authority over a third party. Through judicial proceedings and the residents’ movement we would like to change the judicial authorities’ perception of this matter.”

For further information contact the Office of the Plaintiffs of the Futenma helicopter roar suit. Telephone:098 (893) 5004.

(English Translation by T&CT, Mark Ealey)

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