Japan-Taiwan fishing agreement from 2019 to be extended through 2022 without revision

Japan-Taiwan fishing agreement from 2019 to be extended through 2022 without revision

Minamikojima, Kitakojima, Uotsurijima (from the foreground back) of the Senkaku Islands, photographed in March 2002 (archival photograph)

March 26, 2022 Ryukyu Shimpo

By Chie Tome

As concerns the fishing agreement between Japan and Taiwan pertaining to fishing rights in the surroundings of the Senkaku Islands, the present operational rules which have been in place since 2019 are set to stay in place throughout 2022, as well. The Japan-Taiwan fishing commission, which addresses these operational rules, has not been able to hold a meeting due to the coronavirus epidemic, and has not had the chance to revise the agreement. The commission meeting has been put off for three consecutive years.

The Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association made an announcement about the information above on March 25.

About 60 percent of a triangular ocean area to the north of Yaeyama, which serves as a zone where long line fishing for tuna is permitted, is currently sectioned off and prioritized for preferential use by Taiwanese fishing boats. Therefore, Japanese fishermen are requesting that the triangular ocean area be divided equally.

Chairman Kameichi Uehara of the Okinawa Prefecture Fisheries Cooperative Association showed the definitive understanding that, with consideration to world affairs, the current operational rules will inevitably be discontinued. However, Uehara made clear that he cannot accept this continuation of the operational rules from the 2019 fishing season, and said: “I want to ask that a safe and peaceful ocean area be maintained under Japan’s operational rules, as requested by this prefecture’s fishermen.”

(English translation by T&CT and Erin Jones)


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