Refreshing! Time to Harvest Unripe Shikuwasa

Refreshing! Time to Harvest Unripe Shikuwasa

Takeshi Oshiro carefully harvests Shikuwasa, one-by-one. September 1, Kijoka in Ogimi (Photograph provided by Naoya Oshiro)

September 2, 2021 Ryukyu Shimpo


It is currently the best time to harvest unripe shikuwasa, a fruit commonly used in cooking and known for its characteristic refreshing aroma. On the morning of September 1, farmers in Kijoka in Ogimi, the center of Shikuwasa production, were out in the fields using special scissors to cut the fruit one-by-one from the trees, careful to avoid damaging the fruits.


According to the farmer Takeshi Oshiro, unripe shikuwasa will be harvested through the end of September. The majority will be shipped out of Okinawa. Wiping his brow, Oshiro says, “I want to create a stable supply system.”


(English translation by T&CT and Ellen Huntley)


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