Tontonmi dance of love – Spring tide in Okinawa, Sashiki Higata

Tontonmi dance of love - Spring tide in Okinawa, Sashiki Higata

A barred mudskipper jumps at the roots of a mangrove tree (afternoon, May 27. Sashiki Fusozaki, Nanjo. Photograph by John Matsumoto)

May 28, 2021  Ryukyu Shimpo


Among the mangroves of Sashiki Higata in Sashiki Fusozaki, Nanjo, Okinawa, the mating season of the barred mudskipper (tontonmi), which began at the start of spring, continues. On May 27, when a spring tide occurred, males could be seen engaging in courtship behavior, such as intimidating other males and leaping around to impress females.


On that day, the weather on the main island of Okinawa was cloudy with rain due to the influence of the baiu front. On Ishigaki Island and Miyako Island, an area of high atmospheric pressure meant blue skies. In Miyakojima City, temperatures in Kagamihara reached 33.2 degrees Celsius, while in Shimoji-shima, the temperature was 32.6 degrees. Both are the highest temperatures ever recorded in May for those areas. According to the Okinawa Meteorological Observatory, the baiu front will cause Okinawa to be cloudy with rain on May 28. Some areas are likely to have thunderstorms.


(English translation by T&CT and Ellen Huntley)


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