Ginowan City hits population milestone with birth of 100,000th person

Ginowan City hits population milestone with birth of 100,000th person

Ginowan City Mayor Masanori Matsugawa (front row, far right) presents Koharu Sueyoshi with a special certificate (front row, second from right) on October 21 at the Ginowan City Hall.

November 5, 2020 Ryukyu Shimpo

In June, the population of Ginowan City reached 100,000. On October 21, the city invited the 100,000th resident, 0-year old Koharu Sueyoshi, her father Yohei, 31, and mother Chiharu, 30, to a ceremony held at the first-floor lobby of the City Hall. Koharu was presented with a dry flower bouquet and a special certificate.

Ginowan Village had a population of 31,000 and was renamed Ginowan City in 1962. Its population reached 90,000 in January 2007 and hit 100,000 on June 2, 2020.

The City Hall ceremony was initially planned for June, but it was postponed as a precaution against the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Ginowan City Mayor Masanori Matsugawa gave a speech at the ceremony and said, “we have a military base situated in the middle of the city, and we face environmental issues, but we must thank our pioneers and everyone that helped build this city.” With the 100,000-population milestone, the mayor renewed his dedication to “develop the city, as a steward of the municipal government.” He hoped for baby Koharu to “grow up healthy, and one day participate in shaping the city.”

Sueyoshi said, “We’ve heard Ginowan City is a great place to raise kids. I hope Koharu grows up surrounded by love.”

(English translation by T&CT and Monica Shingaki)

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