More than 5 billion yen donated to rebuild Shuri Castle

More than 5 billion yen donated to rebuild Shuri Castle

October 29, 2020 Ryukyu Shimpo

By October 28, it was clear that donations to rebuild Shuri Castle, which burned down in October of last year, had exceeded 5 billion yen. As of October 28, total donations to Okinawa Prefecture, Naha City, and the Okinawa Churashima Foundation amounted to at least 5086760000 yen. The donated money will go toward restoring the destroyed Seiden (main hall) and cultural assets that were kept at the castle.

The prefecture had received approximately 3334390000 yen as of October 27. No end date has been set for fundraising at this time and the prefecture will continue to accept donations for the time being.

As of October 25, Naha City had collected 1553370000 yen. The city will collect donations until October 31, which marks one year since the fire, after which the donated money will be entrusted to the prefecture.

The Okinawa Churashima Foundation had received 199 million yen in donations as of October 22. The Foundation will put the donated money into a fund that will be used to restore or recreate art and artifacts. Because this will be done using a fund framework established before the fire, the foundation will continue to collect donations going forward.

In addition to direct donations from individuals, corporations, and other groups, donations also came through crowdfunding via the Naha City Hometown Tax Donation program. Donations came from throughout Japan and even from overseas.

(English translation by T&CT and Ellen Huntley)

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