Nago City Assembly passes 2.1 billion yen supplementary budget, 400 million yen for FRF construction

September 24, 2020 Ryukyu Shimpo

On September 23, in the final regular meeting for the month of the Nago City Assembly (chaired by Hideki Oshiro), the Assembly adopted, by a majority, a 2020 general accounting and finance supplementary budget. The supplemented sum is 2,154,370,000 yen. The supplementary budget includes 40,340,000 yen as the cost of excavation services for preserving record of the former site of the Ourazaki internment camp within the Camp Schwab compound, as well as a 400,000,000 yen increase to the three Kube wards community fund, which uses the capital from the realignment grant acquired due to Futenma Replacement Facility (FRF) construction in the region.

The cost of purchasing the former Muribushi (Okinawa General Bureau Secretariat Training Institute) site in Kise, Nago City, as part of a “workation” (telecommuting to work while sightseeing) location facilities development project and other such expenses totalled upward of 915,310,000 yen. However, given that this project is not seen as a sufficient explanation for the expenses, the Assembly unanimously adopted an additional resolution requesting an explanation from the City.

In the Assembly’s discussion prior to the vote, Zenko Nakamura, who opposed the supplementary budget, claimed “The realignment grant project budget is forcing the military base onto city residents as we head into the future, which will cause us to lose any chance to restore the health of public financial affairs”. Furthermore, Yoshitami Oshiro, who also opposed the supplementary budget, said, in relation to the workation project, “The real estate appraisal is doubtful”.

Naoya Kishimoto, who supported the supplementary budget, had this to say: “The realignment grant is a budget that should be returned to city residents. The mayor is meeting with the chief cabinet secretary and others, and requesting alleviation of military base damages. Just because we accepted the grant does not mean we cannot speak our minds”.
(English translation by T&CT and Erin Jones)

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