Okashigoten wins top selection for souvenir store with their Okinawan staple, the “Original Purple Sweet Potato Tart”

Okashigoten wins top selection for souvenir store with their Okinawan staple, the “Original Purple Sweet Potato Tart”

Company CEO Hideki Takushi (right) and Akiyo Komesu (left) holding the award certificate and plaque awarded to Okashigoten in front of their flagship store in Yomitan

January 22, 2020 Ryukyu Shimpo

Yomitan – The 2019 “Top 100 Pro Selection for Tourism, Food, and Souvenirs,” a list voted for by travel companies nationwide in Japan, have selected Okashigoten (Hideki Takushi, CEO) in Yomitan as the best souvenir store in Japan.

The store first broke into the top 10 in 2011, and has been steadily climbing in rank since, although this is their first time taking the top spot.

This is the first such accomplishment in Okinawa, and CEO Hideki Takushi happily commented, “It has taken a long time to get the company on the right track since its founding 40 years ago, and I am happy that it has been recognized.

I want to continue making products that not only tourists, but also Okinawans are happy to get.”

The “Pro Selection” is run by the Ryoko Shimbun (Travel Newspaper) once a year, for which they distribute ballots to each department and branch of Japan’s travel companies, roughly 16,000 locations in total, and ask them to vote for businesses and tourism-related facilities for the categories of service, cooking, facilities, and project, after which they tally the votes.

On January 17, they held an award ceremony at a hotel in Tokyo.

Okashigoten’s flagship product is their “original purple sweet potato tart,” and their lineup includes a variety of sweets that heavily feature the use of Okinawan-produced purple sweet potatoes.

Additionally, the storefronts are designed to resemble famous Okinawan places such as Shuri Castle and Shurei Gate, making for a highly regarded store with products and facilities that leave a lasting impression that can only be found in Okinawa.

Akiyo Komesu, head of the company’s marketing department’s sales and business development division analyzed that part of the reason for the selection was, “successfully creating an environment with open communication and carefree exchanging of ideas,” when developing a new product or putting together a new venture.

(English translation by T&CT and Sam Grieb)

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