They call me Happy—Happy’s 111th birthday bash

They call me Happy—Happy’s 111th birthday bash

Supercentenarian Kamado Tsuha happily claps his hands while being presented a cake at his birthday party in Zakimi, Yomitan, on Jun 10.

June 11, 2019 Ryukyu Shimpo

Kamado Tsuha’s secret to staying energetic at 111 is Okinawan andagi donuts. On Jun 10, Tsuha, the oldest man living in Okinawa, celebrated his 111th birthday in Yomitan Village. His birthday party was held at the nursing home Tsuha currently resides. Mayor Denjitsu Ishimine and FC Ryukyu forward Yukihide Gibo joined Tsuha’s family to celebrate his longevity; Tsuha has lived to see five imperial eras, from Meiji to Reiwa. The table was set up with his favorite andagi donuts, and guests came bearing more. He repeated“achabiyo!” in excitement, an Okinawan phrase for “Oh my goodness!”

For the occasion, the supercentenarian dressed in a bright red kariyushi shirt, (Okinawa’s answer to aloha shirts) and a hat adorned with a hibiscus flower. He was met with an applause as he walked into the room with a care taker at his side. Tsuha was nicknamed “Happy” at a young age, owing to his trademark smile and kind personality. He thanked his guests with the same big smile as they congratulated him.

Tsuha took a big bite of his birthday cake, demonstrating his appetite remains unaffected by age; but he told the home’s director, Ikuko Kakazu, he preferred andagi to the birthday cake. After the meal, he danced the Okinawan kachashi with the help of his care takers, amazing the party-goers.

Born in 1908, Tsuha worked as an automotive painter to raise two sons and four daughters. His youngest daughter Yoshiko Chibana, 74, wished for her father to “stay healthy and be full of life for years to come.”

(English translation by T&CT and Monica Shingaki)

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