Naha Airport building links international and domestic terminals to improve traveler experience

Naha Airport building links international and domestic terminals to improve traveler experience

Fukugi Hall in the building linking the international and domestic Naha Airport terminals, photographed in the afternoon on March 13. The hall is designed with the image of Okinawan fortresses, gusuku, in mind.

March 14, 2019 Ryukyu Shimpo

On March 13 the Naha Airport Building Co. Ltd. (NABCO), which manages the terminal buildings of Naha Airport, held a ceremony celebrating the completion of the new terminal building linking the international and domestic terminal buildings.

The new building will open for use on March 18, and is organized into three stories similar to the ways in which the international and domestic terminals are organized.

Arrivals are on the first floor, departures are on the second floor, and check-in is on the third floor.

This building linking the terminals is expected to increase airport convenience for passengers, such as by increasing ease in making connecting flights.

Use of the second runway at Naha Airport is expected to start in March 2020, which, along with the new linking terminal, is likely to accommodate 158,000 civilian aircraft takeoffs and landings per year.

Currently, there are 20 check-in counter booths in the international terminal building. These will be moved to the third floor of the linking building and will be increased three-fold to 60 booths.

Other installations, such as the check-in counters in the LCC terminal, will also be moved. A system that automatically inspects checked baggage will be introduced, too, and it is anticipated that this system will facilitate the boarding process.

In total there will be 36 vendors that set up shop in the new building linking the terminals, in view of inbound foreign visitors and domestic customers.

There will be restaurants to satisfy a variety of needs.

On the second floor there will be a shop called Yuinichi Street, directed at attracting inbound visitors and lined with hand-picked commodities from Japan and Okinawa.

Officials and persons involved in the tourist industry attended the ceremony.

NABCO President Satoshi Kaneshima delivered a greeting at the ceremony.

He said, “We work to provide peace of mind and safety first and foremost, as well as convenience and comfort.”

(English translation by T&CT and Erin Jones)
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