Group of Japanese experts from various fields release joint statement calling for the retraction of Henoko base construction plan


September 8, 2018 Ryukyu Shimpo


The group for consideration of the Futenma/Henoko problem (represented by Osaka City University Professor Emeritus Kenichi Miyamoto) comprised of various experts in Japan released a joint statement at a press conference at the Diet September 7 requesting things such as the retraction of the plan for new base construction at Henoko in Nago City. AS of September 7, 72 people had attached their name to the statement.


Among the people endorsing the statement were authors Jiro Akagawa and Hisae Sawachi, but also included experts in a variety of fields such as marine biology and ornithology.


This is the fourth statement released by the group. They have also called for the cancellation of base construction at Henoko, and have expressed their support for the resolution passed at a protest event in Okinawa August 11, as well as Okinawa Prefecture’s decisions to revoke permission for land reclamation work in Henoko Bay.


At the press conference, Professor Miyamoto commented, “The Henoko problem is a Japanese problem, so it is all of our problem.

Particularly, it is a duty the people of mainland Japan cannot fail to fulfill.” Alongside Dr. Miyamoto was Tokyo Keizai University Associate Professor Nami Okubo, a coral expert, noted that the environmental destruction resulting from the construction at Henoko is in violation of the United Nation’s sustainable development goals.


The joint statement has as of September 7 been officially endorsed by 37 people.

The group plans to call for more endorsers on their website, after which they will submit the statement to the Abe cabinet.


Also on September 7, a similar statement was released by the “No War! Don’t Repeal Article 9! Comprehensive Executive Committee.”


(English translation by T&CT and Sam Grieb)


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