Uchinanchu gather in Peru for Sixth World Youth Uchinanchu Festival

Uchinanchu gather in Peru for Sixth World Youth Uchinanchu Festival

People of Okinawan descent from all over the world who participated in the Sixth World Youth Uchinanchu Festival, taken on February 6 in Lima, Peru


February 8, 2018 Ryukyu Shimpo

By Peruvian Correspondent Mitsuhiro Akamine


The Sixth World Youth Uchinanchu Festival commenced in the evening on February 6 local time in Lima, Peru (Japan time February 7).

The festival attracts young people of Okinawan descent from all over the world.

The opening ceremony was held at the Peruvian Okinawan Hall on the outskirts of Lima.

More than 100 people of Okinawan descent ranging from teens to thirties from around the world participated.


Executive Committee Chairman Minami Tamamoto gave a powerful greeting.

She said, “In an effort to construct and expand the youth Uchinanchu global network around the world, we will strengthen our identity as Uchinanchu.

We will embrace our history of emigration and pass it on.”

The First World Youth Uchinanchu Festival was held in Brazil, making this the second time in which the festival was held in South America.


During the ceremony, Executive Committee Vice Chairman Carina Kohatsu, a local resident of Peru, gave an enthusiastic speech.

She said, “As a leader of society for future generations of Okinawan descent, we will foster human resources, utilize the facilities in the Okinawan Hall.

We will strive to exchange culture and performing arts with sports and etc.”

Okinawan Association of Peru President Maria Luisa Kohatsu and Nikkei Association President Jorge Kunigami also spoke to the crowd.


Following the ceremony, a welcome dinner was held. The youth performed rock and jazz and ended with Kachashi, an Okinawan folk dance.

The participants greatly enjoyed the dinner in midsummer Peru.


The festival was held for five days between February 6 and 10.

It was primarily held at the Okinawan Hall, but also took place at the Japanese Peruvian Hall and Cañete.

People deepened their exchange via mixers by municipalities, study tours to learn about the history of emigration, workshops, and symposiums on networking.


Besides the 25 people from Okinawa, 13 Argentinians, one Bolivian, three Brazilians, four Americans, two Canadians, 73 Peruvians, a total of 117 participated.




(English translation by T&CT and Chelsea Ashimine)



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