Thailand royal family member takes part in filming Okinawa travel program for Thai television

Thailand royal family member takes part in filming Okinawa travel program for Thai television

On December 4, ML Sarali Kitiyakara of Thailand’s royal family tastes prefecturally- and domestically-produced beef at “Yakiniku: Ryukyu no Ushi” and gives her impression of the food.


December 5, 2017 Ryukyu Shimpo


On December 4 ML Sarali Kitiyakara of Thailand’s royal family, who also does work as a television personality, came to Okinawa to film an overseas vacation television program with the National Broadcasting Services of Thailand (NBT). She will stay on Okinawa Island visiting well-known tourist attractions until December 13, partaking in Okinawan cuisine and sightseeing in order to convey Okinawa’s charm for the program. Okinawan businesses invited the NBT to film its program in Okinawa as a way to draw more tourism from Thailand. On the first day, the team filmed at the restaurant “Yakiniku: Ryukyu no Ushi” in Makishi, Naha City, which offers prefecturally-produced and domestically-produced beef.

ML Sarali said: “I have seen many kinds of castles, yet I am taken with Shuri Castle’s beauty. Okinawa’s music, cuisine, and such are distinct from those of other regions.”

She went on to say, “The people of Thailand like Japan, so if they know of Okinawa as well I think they will take interest in it.” In addition, she expressed hope that the friendly relationship between Thailand’s royal family and Japan’s imperial family will flourish.

Jessica Paraphan who works as a reporter for the program said, “I look forward to diving in Okinawa’s beautiful ocean.”

The same day, ML Sarali went to the Okinawa Convention and Visitors Bureau and spoke with the bureau’s president, Chokei Taira. Taira explained ties between Okinawa and Thailand, such as the use of rice from Thailand in the production of awamori, an Okinawan liquor. He also mentioned the route between Naha and Bangkok that Peach Aviation established, and voiced his hope that it will promote cultural exchange between Okinawa and Thailand. This vacation program introducing Okinawa is planned for broadcast in Thailand between February and March next year.



(English translation by T&CT and Erin Jones)


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