Diomedea immutabilis return to sky after recovery in Nago

Diomedea immutabilis return to sky after recovery in Nago

Two diomedea immutabilis seeking a chance to fly into the sky with a headwind


August 23, 2017 Ryukyu Shimpo


Three diomedea immutabilis birds were taken into care after they were lost in Okinawa due to the typhoon in early August.

Two of them were released on the 21-seiki no mori beach on August 22.

The two birds flew towards Nago-bay as people who cared for the birds looked on.

A diomedea immutabilis was found on the sidewalk of Hamagawa intersection in Chatan town on August 5, and the other two were found in the Nago fishery harbour on the 6th. The non-profit organization, dobutsu-tachi no byoin Okinawa (animals’ hospital in Okinawa) took care of the birds treating them using a drip system.

One of the two birds that were found at the Nago fishery harbour could not eat food and died on August 11.

A fifty-five year-old director of the hospital, Michio Kinjo, smiled as he said “we hope the birds will fly over the Pacific ocean freely and live long.”


(English translation by T&CT and Sayaka Sakuma)


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