Housing potentially damaged by Osprey training in Ginoza

Housing potentially damaged by Osprey training in Ginoza

Photograph: Shinsuke Oshiro holding a concrete block that fell from his house right after Osprey flight training.

July 26, 2017 Ryukyu Shimpo

Representatives from the Shirohara district in Ginoza village visited the Okinawa Defense Bureau to request immediate suspension of hang-training and removal of the landing areas for helicopters, also known as Falcon, around the community.

The district chief, Sakihama, stressed “there are ceaseless complains about low-flying aircrafts and noise.

There are also some residents whose health is damaged by the dust.

” Residents also reported a part of concrete housing was damaged due to the vibration from Ospreys.

The director of planning, Shinya Ito, said “we apologize for the severe effects on residents’ everyday life” and further responded with, “although we directly addressed the US marines last week as well, we would like to address this report to them again.”

The director Ito responded to a report in which residents pointed out that part of a concrete building fell off because of the vibration from Ospreys, saying “I think we need to examine the causal relationship between the damaged wall and training, and although it ?? is not to respond directly to the fallen block, we need to come up with actual solutions for such damages.

” He avoided providing accurate responses about the fallen concrete.

Chief Sakihama visited Yonekichi Shinzato, the chair of the prefectural assembly, as well as Katsuhiro Yoshida, the directr for policy co-ordination at the prefectural government, to request for suspension of trainings and the removal of the landing area.

Chair Shinzato answered; “we need to wait until our meeting in September to respond as the prefectural assembly, however I would lilke to start from myself by calling on the Okinawa Defense Bureau to show resentment against the situation.”

Katsuhiro Yoshida, the director for policy co-ordination, commented that “training must not be allowed to resume without a full investigation into the accident of the fallen tire.”

Upon hearing the request from the district, the prefectural government requested the Okinawa Defense Bureau and Marines in Okinawa stop the hang-training, remove the Falcon landing area, as well as to consider stopping use of the landing area around residential areas.

District chief Sakihama also visited the Ginoza village office on the same day to point out that there are flight trainings until midnight, that there are abnormal situations with noise and dust, and that there has been no change despite the fact that residents have filed complaints many times. He further requested the village plan strategies for solving such issues.

(English translation by T&CT and Sayaka Sakuma)

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