Kanehide Group Chairman Goya: 70 years after founding, group aims to expand overseas, make 20% of directors women

Kanehide Group Chairman Goya: 70 years after founding, group aims to expand overseas, make 20% of directors women

Kanehide Group Chairman Morimasa Goya talks about future prospects 70 years after the group’s founding on May 24 at the Kanehide headquarters in Naha

May 25, 2017 Ryukyu Shimpo

On May 24, the Ryukyu Shimpo interviewed Kanehide Group Chairman Morimasa Goya, who said the group is ready to embark on more multifaceted and diversified business ventures, including expanding overseas. Kanehide Group marks the 70th anniversary of its founding on May 25. On the eve of the group’s 70th anniversary, Goya said, “Our theme is to make Kanehide Group a place where each and every employee aims for an organization with a 100-year history.”
Regarding expanding overseas, Goya stated, “By next April, we aim to have a concrete plan of what business we will expand overseas.”

Goya has visited Vietnam and Myanmar to observe aluminum and steel factories, golf courses and the like. He said the environments were promising, stating, “Looking at the cities there, I think there’s room to expand into the steel and supermarket sectors.” He said the company expects to expand into Asia, where significant growth can be expected. This fiscal year the company will investigate which of its businesses have potential for overseas expansion.

Goya also explained that the current management environment surrounding Kanehide Group is changing drastically. Given the continued aging of society, Goya analyzes that the frequency with which customers will shop at large supermarkets will decrease continuously. He said that the group plains to aim to increase customer convenience by setting up many small-scale supermarkets in residential areas. With Okinawa’s economy solidly strong as a result of increased tourism and other factors, Goya emphasized, “While rejoicing at the economic growth and development, we will continue to work on building mechanisms and constructing our abilities.”

Kanehide Group has also promoted employment of women in executive positions. As of April of last year, 20% of managerial positions were held by women, and Goya says that their next goal is to have 20% of the group’s directors be women. April this year marked the start of the group’s midterm management plan, “Vista 555.” This is a five-year plan which aims for the group to see 150 billion yen in sales and 5 billion yen in operating profits, as well as for employees to be able to leave work at 5 p.m. Chairman Goya emphasizes, “I want to endeavor to make Kanehide Group a rewarding place to work.”

(English translation by T&CT and Sandi Aritza)

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