Karisyushi shirts to be sold in Italy

Karisyushi shirts to be sold in Italy

On April 20 at a shop in Naha, Josef Montresor (second from left) and President of JUNE Yasuhide Yoshida

April 21, 2017 Ryukyu Shimpo

Manufacturer of Aloha and Kariyushi shirts JUNE will start selling its brand PAIKAJI this summer in Italy. PAIKAJI was exhibited at Pitti Uomo, the world’s largest clothing fair held in Italy for four years. A select shop president who took part in the fair as a buyer found PAIKAJI and offered the company a contract to distribute their items. In addition to selling the shirts at local stores, they will exhibit them at the company’s showroom located in Milano, aiming to promote the brand in a leading fashion area.
President Josef Montresor, who runs select shop “Studio 92” based in the Padova area in North Italy, has been in Okinawa since the 19th to inspect PAIKAJI’s shops and manufacturing processes. Montresor said, “I would like to let Europe know about a product that is simple yet has Japanese elegance and delicacy with an attractive brand of hybrid Japanese and American cultures. It will be well received in Italy, where people are always on the lookout new fashion.

PAIKAJI started manufacturing in 1999 as an Aloha shirt brand from Okinawa. With the theme of “unusual experience”, PAIKAJI has developed the resort wear design incorporating nature from Okinawa and around the world. Setting up a specialized store along Kokusai dori in Makishi of Naha City, PAIKAJI has promoted the creation of a high value brand while being particular about shapes, materials, and silhouettes.

Sewing has been contracted out to Rio Bianco, a leading garment company based in Fukushima, which is expanding its factory to Okinawa/ expanding its Okinawa factory. Rio Bianco has worked on sewing major domestic brand shirts. President Yoshida says, “The technique of ‘Made in Japan’ supports the sense of openness of Okinawa as a resort.”

In 2013, PAIKAJI was accepted to participate in the men’s wear exhibit “Pitti Uomo” , where 1,200 brands gather from around the world twice a year (January and June) in Firenze.

Montresor, who met the creators of the PAIKAJI brand at the exhibition in June last year said, “The Aloha shirt of American culture is a relaxing cloth. PAIKAJI can be fitted with jackets, and suits and worn as fashion. I am looking for a brand with future potential and growth.”

(English translation by T&CT and Megumi Chibana)

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