European couple visits Okinawa during round-the-world trip on tandem bicycle

European couple visits Okinawa during round-the-world trip on tandem bicycle

Florence Nee (left) and Florenz Askinazi (right) on Harbor View Road in Naha City during their two-week excursion of Okinawa Island.

March 21, 2017 Ryukyu Shimpo
By Chie Tome

On March 17, a couple attempting a round-the-world trip, Frenchman Florent Asquinazi and Belgian woman Florence Nee, began their tour of Okinawa’s main island. They are starting out on their 320-kilometer excursion in Naha City, heading north up the island.

Askinazi and Nee were both working in the Republic of Ghana as engineers when they resolved to “experience the breadth of the world.” They bought a tandem bicycle in Europe and left on their trip.

Nee says with excitement: “We have heard that Okinawa has a distinctive history and culture, and that the people are bright and cheerful. We are looking forward to the sort of encounters we will have.”

In May 2015, the couple departed from Brussels, the capital city of Belgium, and took an excursion through South America, Oceania, and Asia that has lasted almost two years. After they passed through Taiwan, Okinawa marked the first stop on their trip to Japan, which is the 19th country or region they have visited. Following Japan, they will pass through South Korea and Russia, among other countries. They plan to finish their trip by returning to Brussels in about 10 months.

Askinazi says, “You only has one life, you must live it to the fullest.” He goes on to say with a smile that, “As long as Florence is with me, wherever we are I will be okay.”

(English translation by T&CT and Erin Jones) 

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