Agarie family hosts celebration for Japanese immigrants in Argentina

Agarie family hosts celebration for Japanese immigrants in Argentina

“Immigrant Pioneer Celebration” Hosted by the Agarie Family at the Greison Theatre in Monte Grande, Buenos Aires (From Argentinian correspondent Ricardo Oshiro)

October 10, 2016 Ryukyu Shimpo

Japanese immigrants who took root in Argentina over 100 years ago were celebrated at the Teatro Greison in Monte Grande, located in the southern suburbs of Greater Buenos Aires on August 7. The tribute was planned by Dr. Roberto Agarie (doctor or forensic medicine and private ambassador to Okinawa), ex-president of La Plata Hochi, and had the theme of “A celebration of immigrant pioneers from the Agarie family.”

The immigrants, who mainly originated from Nago, Okinawa, had specialized skills and qualifications to be things such as veterinarians, ranchers and civil architects. As explained by Mr. Agarie, these highly-skilled immigrants allowed those who came after them, particularly in the southern suburbs of Greater Buenos Aires, to integrate into society. Through their leadership and support, the immigrants who came after, including the Agarie family, found success in various fields, and contributed to society for many years.

These pioneers, who mainly labored at the industrialization of agriculture included Kurajiro Ishikawa, Hugo Yoshida, Wachi Nakaya, Koro Nakandakare, Seiko Nakandakare, Nakasuke Nakaganeku, and Ryoji Okada.

In addition to the many descendants of those being honored, Dr. Antonio Simon Agarie; Dr. Marcelo Agarie, Buenos Aires 18th public hospital director; Julio E. Agarie, chairman of the Northern Buenos Aires Pharmacists Association; Yasunobu Oshiro, Nago City civic hall director; Kazuyoshi Bunno, president of the Argentinian Colonial Society; Kazuyuki Yoshimura from the Japanese embassy in Argentina; and Juan Sarrafian, chairman of the Argentinian Immigrant Association; were also in attendance.

(English translation by TC&T and Sam Grieb)

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