1,500 people gather to protest against Henoko lawsuit

1,500 people gather to protest against Henoko lawsuit

Rally participants shout for win at the Supreme Court at Kenmin Hiroba in Naha on September 21.

September 21, 2016 Ryukyu Shimpo

In a lawsuit brought by the Japanese national government against the Okinawa prefectural government over Okinawa Governor Takeshi Onaga’s cancellation of a permit to reclaim land in Henoko, Nago City, the presiding judge ruled it illegal for the governor not to abide by the rectification order. At Kenmin Hiroba in Naha on September 21, All Okinawa Kaigi (All Okinawa Coalition) held a protest rally against the court decision. According to the organizer, about 1,500 people gathered and proclaimed that Okinawa would win at the Supreme Court.

Co-representative of the organization and Nago Mayor Susumu Inamine said, “The ruling appeared to copy what the Japanese government claimed, ignoring the public opinion and the history of Okinawa. We will continue to battle at the Supreme Court. I will make sure that today is the day we keep fighting to secure peace for Okinawa.”

Governor Onaga said, “The ruling just repeated what the central government claimed on the issue, saying, ‘The Henoko relocation is the only solution.’ I was flabbergasted how unfair a decision the judge could make by toeing the line of the current policy-maker. I hope that the Supreme Court will make a fair and sound judgement.”

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