Nakagusuku and Katsuren castle ruins rank among Japan’s best 20 castles

Nakagusuku and Katsuren castle ruins rank among Japan's best 20 castles

Nakagusuku castle ruin ranked 10th in TripAdvisor’s “Top 20 Japanese castles in 2016” list. (Photograph provided by the website)

August 26, 2016 Ryukyu Shimpo

On August 25, TripAdvisor, the biggest travel review website in the world, announced the “Top 20 Japanese castles in 2016.” Nakagusuku castle ruins (covers Nakagusuku and Kitanakagusuku villages) ranked 10th and Katsuren castle ruin in Uruma City ranked 11th. Nakijin castle ruin ranked 13th, making the list for the first time, followed by Shurijo castle (14th) and Zakimi castle (18th). First place went to Himeji castle in Hyogo Prefecture.

One of the reviewers said, “The Nakijin castle ruin’s undulant wall is unique, reminding us of the Great Wall of China and providing a beautiful contrast with the green grasses around it.”

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