Okinawa art troupe performs Ryubu at Hue festival in Vietnam

Okinawa art troupe performs Ryubu at Hue festival in Vietnam

Okinawa art troupe led by Hisae Takamine performed at royal theater in Hue Palace, Vietnam on the evening of April 30.

May 1, 2016 Ryukyu Shimpo

By Naoki Isa in Hue, Vietnam

On the evening of April 29, Hue festival 2016 opened in Hue, the ancient capital of Vietnam. The Okinawan traditional dance troupe led by performing artist Hisae Takamine appeared on the stage at the opening ceremony held in front of the main temple of the royal palace of Hue.

Ryukyu dances, including Nubui Kuduchi and Hatoma Bushi, Karate dance Bu no Mai, and Lion dance Marimai, which is a revived performing art of the Ryukyu Kingdom, were performed.

Audiences enjoyed witnessing Okinawan performing arts, which provided a way of communicating beyond the language barrier. They gave a round of applause for the performers.

On April 30, the troupe performed dances and introduced Okinawan culture to Vietnamese students and artists at a workshop held in royal theater in the palace and organized by the Music Institute of Hue.

The Okinawan participants listened to Vietnamese traditional music performed by students and artists from the Music Institute of Hue.

At the finale of the event, the members from Okinawa and Vietnam performed Okinawan music Asadoyayunta together.

Associate Prof. Dr. Ta Quang Dong – Vice Rector of Hue Academy of Music said, “Vietnam and Okinawa have many common points. We held a workshop for the first time with Okinawan artists. We would like to strengthen cooperation in the future.”

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