Jomon Period earthenware dug up at Ie Jima Auxiliary Airfield

December 20, 2015 Ryukyu Shimpo

The U.S. military plans to carry out an exploratory drilling survey for improvement work of a coral runway, a simulated Landing Helicopter Deck (LHD), which is located within the Ie Jima Auxiliary Airfield. On December 19, several pieces of earthenware and fire pit remains that appear to belong to the Jomon period were discovered. The largest of the earthenware was about three centimeters.

A distributional survey carried out in the Ie village did not find the ruin site before the discovery. The planned construction of the LHD will be delayed because a full-scale survey of the site is expected.

The U.S. Marine Corps carried out the exploratory drilling survey at 66 areas on October 2015, accompanied by Ie village officials.

The village officials stated that they solidified a specific plan to carry out the full-scale survey of the site within January 2016.

The post-construction plan states the U.S. Marine Corps will expand its MV-22 Osprey aircraft training program and begin training for F-35 fighters. In addition, the construction drawing shows that the improved airfield will accept CV-22 Osprey that will be deployed to Yokota Air Base in 2017.

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