Bridled tern flying from Iran found in Nago

October 2, 2015 Ryukyu Shimpo

The Yamashina Institute for Ornithology in Chiba Prefecture announced that a seabird found at the Kanucha Golf Course in Abu, Nago City was a Bridled Tern that had flown from Nakhiloo Island in Iran. The bird was found in October last year and died after it was taken into care. The island is located 7, 450km from Nago City. This is the first time a wild bird has been confirmed to have moved between Iran and Japan, according to the institute.

The Bridled Tern was found a day after Typhoon Vongfong passed, and the bird was confirmed dead when it was carried to a veterinary hospital. It is thought that the bird was exhausted due to the typhoon that carried it to land. The institute contacted the Ministry of Environment in Iran to confirm that the bird was released by a research team in the country in July 2013 after the team attached a leg ring on it.

Species that breed in Iran are known to spend winter in regions from India to eastern Africa. Although its biology is not yet fully known, usually the species moves between north and south. The Deputy Director General of the institute, Kiyoaki Ozaki said, “There is not much known about the species, including its biology.”

(English translation by T&CT and Sayaka Sakuma) 

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