Disaster Relief Act applied to Yonaguni, where damages of more than 100 million yen caused by Typhoon Dujuan

Disaster Relief Act applied to Yonaguni, where damages of more than 100 million yen caused by Typhoon Dujuan

On September 30, in Yonaguni Town, a resident cleans up his house, which was damaged by Typhoon Dujuan. The roof was blasted off, and the foundation of the house was exposed. (Photograph taken by Chousho Yakabe)

October 1, 2015 Ryukyu Shimpo

On September 30, the Okinawa Prefectural Government (OPG) decided that it would apply the Disaster Relief Act to Yonaguni Island, where more than 300 houses were damaged by Typhoon No.21 or Super Typhoon Dujuan.

The typhoon registered a maximum instantaneous wind speed of 81.1 meters per second on the island.According to the act, the national government will pay more than half of the costs, including those to build shelters, in order to reduce the cost burden on the municipal office. The act applied to the island will date back to September 28, when the typhoon struck the island and left major damage.

According to the municipal office, 322 houses were damaged, including 10 that were completely destroyed. As of September 30, the total damage bill exceeded 100 million yen, including about 83 million yen in damages to sugar cane and other crops, livestock, agricultural and school facilities. According to the OPG, about 40 utility poles collapsed, and a concrete detached breakwater was damaged.

Governor Takeshi Onaga stated at the prefectural assembly, “We are working to investigate the damage situation caused by the typhoon, and we will take disaster-recovery measures.”

It is the 12th time the disaster relief act has been applied in Okinawa since the landslides took place in Naha and Nakagusuku in 2006.

Fixed phones in the municipal office and mobile phones at many areas of the island have been resumed. According to the Okinawa Electric Power Company, as of October 1, at Kubura, Higawa and Sonai districts, 100 households still suffer from power outages.

On September 30, the government sent an investigation team to Okinawa. The team members received a situation report from Vice Governor Mitsuo Ageda. They visited Yonaguni Island to investigate typhoon damage on October 1.

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